Pocketses, Phocketses

The first is real

The second wishes to be

Thank you for giving my hand a place to hide

And a place to sweat

A place where I can pretend that

Something more important is happening

Than out here in the real world

A place where my change feels safe

Too safe that they start to hide

A place with a million more corners

Than one straight seam can logically provide

A place that makes me happy when I am down

By giving me abandoned money

A place with more honesty

than my checking account.

The Best Man

He held his glass high up and spoke into the microphone, ‘I would like to make a toast to Marie and Kev. They've been very good friends of mine since childhood. The struggle to get Marie was a tough one but in the end, Kev was the one that gave her the ring. I must say that I also tried to pursue her but unluckily failed. And here we are joined together to celebrate this union of which I am not happy about’

At that moment, he reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a pistol. Everyone in the hall screamed and scampered around.

He aimed the gun at the bride and groom who clung to each other scared till kingdom come. Other members of the high table already dove under it.

He walked closer to them, the bride crying hysterically, and said, ‘Kev, you knew Marie is and always has been mine. I begged you to stay away and you refused. We are friends and I thought we looked out for each other and besides, you gave me your word’. He turned to Marie, ‘You once told me you loved me and the next thing I know, both of you are walking down an aisle. To rub it in, you ask me to accept his offer to be his best man. This is just a matter only God can settle’

Then, he put a bullet in the groom’s heart and another in the bride’s head. He turned to face the chaotic audience that had turned the hall into an insane mess of wails and screams from the floor. Those who could hide hid, those who peeped to catch every minute of the drama peeped and some others screamed as loud as their voices could allow them.

He turned the pistol to his right ear and said, ‘For those of you who love me or know me, Good bye’, then he lodged a bullet in his brain.



Left, right

Blind, sight

My eyes do the query dance

Hoping for wisdom’s chance

To lead the way

And not stray

The light finally called my name

But my foolishness prevailed.


Do you know it?

That loud echo with your thoughts in between

That deafening roar with no substance

That moment when your mind races against itself

That second when perfection replays

That instance where ‘couldawouldashouldas’ become ‘done’

That space that ingenuity fills

That place where evil comes to life

That long thread that strings the unfamiliar together

We love it. Like it. Crave it. Sometimes.

It’s golden


It’s silence


Oh no!

It’s that week again

The week before payday

When I glance at my web of debts

And marvel at the well spun threads

Then I see an exact sum on my check

As my mind deducts the wreck

And how I’ll gnaw at what’s left

Oh, well!

What can I say?

I need a higher pay!